I may or may not regret this, but I suppose if you guys want to fangirl and obsess over OUAT, follow me on Twitter- @HangInThere_13 
I follow back and like to take pictures of my dog, so that’s what you can expect. Also, you can see pictures of my face- which really isn’t that exciting, but my Tumblr icon is a lie, and (as much as I’d like to be bc she’s gorgeous) I am not Jennifer Morrison, so… Can’t get what you want, apparently.

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Is the face of someone who knows they’re completely and utterly fucked.

So what I’ve learned since making this post is:

1. Emma and Killian have to bang. Like, it’s mandatory.
2. You guys agree that Emma is actually so in love with Killian, she’s practically already signed the marriage certificate.
3. This probably has nothing to do with this post, but after repeating ‘I really need my own place’ at least three times, (and with the obvious sexual tension so thick you could taste the hormones- ew?) I’m expecting Emma to discuss moving house next episode, or, ya know, as soon as possible. It’s no wonder Jennifer Morrison wants Emma to get laid. 

ouat captain swan ha well this information is good to know and i love not being the only one to think things