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Lover of other TV series like Doctor Who, Sherlock and Arrow.

Favourite ships include Ness, Captain Swan and Olicity.

Though I have my own opinions regarding my personal ships, I make no judgments for others and respect fictional pairings the same.

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A Thousand Kisses, A Hundred More


A/N: seastarved requested:


Words: 4,739
Rating: F is for Fluffy; S is for Send your dentist bills to Chinx; H is for HOLY CRAP I LOVE THESE TWO IDIOTS SO MUCH THERE IS A PHYSICAL ACHE IN MY CHEST THAT WON’T GO AWAY.
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Her body comes awake slowly, her mind even slower, but she feels the light press and retreat of his lips on hers, the warmth of his breath dancing enticingly over her mouth as he gently coaxes her from her dreams. She hums, shifting instinctively when he moves over her and presses her further into the warmth of the bed. Her legs part, cradling his weight while his lips brush a little more insistently, a little more desperately.

Ohhh. She opens her mouth wider at the first swipe of his tongue over her bottom lip, hands reaching up to tangle in his hair of their own accord. He keeps her in that half-dazed state, lazily yet thoroughly exploring her mouth with teeth and tongue as if attempting to map out all of the secrets she possesses. He angles his head, deepening the kiss, and she swears to God her toes curl while heat sparks along every inch of her.

It’s still so new, this requited love between them, but when he kisses her this way, it’s as if they’ve done it a million times over, like two puzzle pieces perfectly matched and simply made for each other. It makes her sigh contentedly, makes her heart squeeze sweetly as she pulls him in just a little closer and moves her mouth just a little more fervently.

The scrape of his scruff against her skin tickles, makes her chuckle delightedly into his mouth and she feels his lips curve up at the sound. He eases up, gives her just enough breathing room but keeps close and nuzzles his nose against hers before pressing a gentle kiss to the tip of it.

“Morning,” she murmurs, unable to keep the grin off her face.

“Hi,” he whispers.

And it’s stupid how ridiculously in love she feels but she doesn’t care. She lowers her arms so her hands can cup his too-handsome face while she studies him. He’s grinning back at her like an absolute idiot (the expression no doubt mirroring hers) and she can’t hold back the laugh that escapes.

“Hi,” she answers, fingertips tracing along the planes of his face — cheekbones, jaw, eyebrows, nose, lips. He turns his head, kisses at her palm, then nips playfully at her index finger before leaning down to brush his mouth over hers again. 

“Can we stay here all day?” he asks, the words spoken lightly over her lips.

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3x17 Episode Analysis [aka too emotional to think of a title]


So normally, in my metas, I divide the episode up in to parts and talk about each character/plot development. WELL, NOT THIS ONE. THIS META IS EXCLUSIVELY ABOUT CAPTAIN SWAN.

Since this meta is all Captain Swan, I’m going to break it up into sub sections. We’ll start with Hook and Henry, move on to the Jolly Roger, go to Hook, and then finish up with Emma and my final (sobbing) thoughts.

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