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I don’t understand the negative reaction to the fact that Nick and Jess will not get back together for the season finale. I mean, I understand that at this point, we’ve seen them together, so we’re quite used to their relationship, but we have to consider that the writers are trying to be truthful in the presentations of their characters. They try to base the relationship between Nick and Jess as one experienced today, so they’re honestly just being realistic. I didn’t expect a reconciliation so soon after a break up because that wouldn’t usually happen. And I know I’m not the only person who hates characters with an on-and-off relationship, which is definitely something that isn’t happening between Nick and Jess. I’m confident that season 4 will still be good, even with the break up. And although I find the initial reasons behind the break up ridiculous, I can’t help but look forward to the sexual tension and angst we should all be used to by now, anyway. The break up provides the characters with the time they’d need to adjust and sort through their problems, so I think season 4 should be full of character development. As for a possible Schmece reunion? Schmidt is still a douche, and Cece would have to be an even bigger one to get back together with him. Still, the series itself is about the differing relationships between people, and so, as long as the writers actually have their heads screwed on tight, things should work out. Be positive! 

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He’s so frustrated cause he KNOWS she’s flirting. He KNOWS it, and it’s with her MAGIC—THE REASON WHY HE CAN’T EVER KISS HER OR GET CLOSE TO HER.

Emma’s face in the last gif gives her away- she’s looking at him with the trace of humour she’d just been experiencing, but there are other emotions there, too, like happiness and curiosity. But just before she says okay, you can see her face whilst Killian is taking a swig from his rum- that face is one we don’t usually see. Emma yearns and looks at Killian with longing, but that wasn’t her being fuckstruck by him; that was her obviously gazing at his face, studying his expression, whilst being happy and content and quite possibly in love, even for just one second, before she begins to tell him she knows something is definitely wrong.


The fact that Emma is the one trying to cheer up Killian suggests just how much she’s willing to move forward and try to make something of her relationship with him. Not to mention that he was always the one to cheer her up or comfort her. Basically, they’re reversing their roles, and I’m going to be a sobbing, dying mess tomorrow night :)

Hey, look, my prediction came true… ^ 

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