I think this in particular was the moment it clicked that Milah was Neals mom for Emma. Seeing the softness in Hook when he states that young Bae liked drawing because his mother did too with a sort of sad but pained tone and then when Killian catches Emma’s eye he realizes what he just told her. That the reason Neal’s happy family that was “really good once” devolved and crumbled because of Milah exercising her choice to leave an emotionally toxic situation and Killian being the one she chose to do so with. You can see the regret in Killians face about the past. He would have taken Bae in a heartbeat if Milah had asked but she wanted to wait until he was old enough to understand but by then he’d already been too damaged and abandoned by his father for darkness and Milah had died at her own husbands hand.

This was the moment that put everything into perspective for Emma. She saw Killians capacity to love in this one instant and was surprised and humbled by it. A man who spent centuries trying to find a way to slay the beast who killed his beloved in cold blood and taken his hand for in what Rumple felt was just retribution for thievery of a mans wife. Emma could see that Killian is a good and honest soul at his core but will stop at nothing to do what he feels is necessary to protect or avenge those he loves.

I really feel this and all the little moments in Neverland have been snippets of Emma peeking from behind her wall and being surprised at the man who stands before it with a sledge hammer. These little moments show me that while it might take all of S4 for her to say the words, Emma Swan has been actively falling in love with him since they met, especially in S3.


Can we talk about the infamous Captain Hook, swashbuckling pirate of the high seas, hanging by the fire with his hand under his chin?!



I Will Always Find You ~ Need a Hand, Love? ~ He Smells Like Forest

Once Upon a Time inspired paintings of the shippy ships I ship. The rest can be found here. I hope to get one more pair done at some stage, it’s already in my head :)


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